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1. Trademarks, Intellectual Property, Copyrights

All rights of the website belong to Ets Ersoy Turistik Servisleri A.S. 

Contents published on these websites (for example; trademarks like software, products, logos etc., information, reports, images and graphics) are protected by national and international laws and international contracts. Any information and material given on the site cannot be used by revising the whole or a part of the site, by making additions or by changing a part in a different way. Trademarks, services, logo, warnings and brackets belonging to the 3rd parties and institutions included in the statements given on the site cannot be removed when citing from the site. No material on this site including code and software can be changed, copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded to another computer, sent by mail or post, forwarded or distributed. cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect material and moral damages that may arise from the use of the site. All usage and content rights of are reserved. All rights of the site belong to the owner company Ets-Ersoy Turistik Servisleri A.S. Unauthorized use is prohibited by law.


2. Change of terms of use reserves the rights to change, make addition to or renew these terms of use without any reason and without giving notice beforehand or after. Besides, and its owner Ets-Ersoy Turistik Servisleri A.S. cannot be held responsible for the information and price errors in the contents of the site and can make any changes and innovations on the pages. The website and its owner Ets-Ersoy Turistik Servisleri A.S. cannot be held responsible for any reservation, sale or information error or failure arising from such changes.


3. Regarding the Links to Third Party Sites

Links to other sites can be directly or indirectly provided at the website The aim of these links is to provide information or advertisement. The user hereby agrees that is not responsible for the website or availability of the sources which are directed by the links and for any content, advertisement, product or other materials given on these websites and sources or obtained from these sources as doesn’t have any control on the sources of the links given on the site. Also, the user hereby agrees that shall not be held directly or indirectly responsible for any loss or damage arising from or claimed to arise from or in connection with or through the use of any content, product or service given on any such website or source or obtained from the same.


4. About User Information

You hereby agree that your personal details like name, surname, T.R. identity number, address you provide through shall be shared and used by the companies, partners and agents related with It’s also required to provide your other personal details that vary according to the service you request apart from the abovementioned details. In case there is a situation that is directly or indirectly related with the said details and information, the data may be transferred to the third parties protecting the rights and benefits of other users of and/or the site.


5. Rights and Responsibilities shall not be held responsible for direct, indirect, special, consequential or other losses or damages arising from the access to or use of its own website or any other website under any circumstances. It’s accepted that you have read the ‘’Terms of Site Use’’ before entering the website. The person(s) and institution(s) who enter the and the website hereby agree and undertake that in case of any conflicts on this issue, records on this website and all other computer records belonging to shall be accepted as solely and only evidences as per article 287 of Civil Courts Law and that Kadikoy Courts and Execution and Bankruptcy Offices shall be authorized to resolve the disputes. reserves the right to file suit in the country of the user.

6. User Security

All information collected by are stored in a secure environment. The forms filled out by the users are encrypted during submission and protected by SSL technology. The data are protected according to the safety and confidentiality standards which are always fundamental to us even delivered to us. The data you enter are kept during your processes and legal requirements. cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages arising from the use of the site. All use and content rights of the site are reserved. All rights of the site belong to the owner company Ets-Ersoy Turistik Servisleri A.S. The unauthorized use is banned with laws.


  •  During your visit to this website and your use of the service through this Site, how the information that we receive regarding you and the services you request will be used and protected are subject to this ‘’Confidentiality Agreement’’. You hereby accept the conditions stipulated in this ‘’Confidentiality Agreement’’ when you visit this website and request to use the services we provide through this Site.

Use and Protection of the Information

Ets Ersoy Turistik Servisleri A.S or other companies under the roof of Etsgroup request some of your personal details (name, surname, age, e-mail, telephone etc.) to provide better services to their customers. 
Statistical data (browser type, geographical location, age, gender etc.) obtained from these personal details collected are used within the body of Ets Ersoy Turistik Servisleri A.S. or other companies under the roof of Etsgroup for periodical campaign works, e-bulletin processes, building special promotional activities for customer profiles and customer ‘’classification’’ studies not to send undesirable e-mails. 
Ets Ersoy Turistik Servisleri A.S. or other companies under the roof of Etsgroup cannot share the information collected from the membership forms, cannot sell or use for non-operating and commercial purposes without the knowledge or otherwise order of the said member. 
Ets Ersoy Turistik Servisleri A.S. or other companies under the roof of Etsgroup analyze and interpret the visitor behaviors and preferences apart from the e-mail addresses and personal details requested on the membership forms. These statistical data not including personal details are used to offer a more special and efficient booking experience to the guests. 
If you want to be removed from the subscription (e-bulletin) list of Ucuzabilet, you can click on the link ‘’click here if you don’t want to receive this bulletin again’’ under the bottom of the e-bulletin. 
Customer information can only be disclosed to the official authorities in case requested properly by the official authorities and it’s required to disclose the said information to the official authorities pursuant to the mandatory legislation provisions in force. 
Only customer can access and change all information that he/she enters into the system. It’s not possible for third parties to access and change this information. 
Credit card information requested on the payment page are received with 3D Secure application to keep the safety of our guests who make transaction on the site at the maximum level. All transactions are ensured to be realized between the bank and your computer through the interface of in this way. However, any guarantee cannot be given on issues regarding security and safety. 
By the nature of internet structure, the information can be available on the internet despite the sufficient safety measures and can be taken and used by unauthorized persons. Ets Ersoy Turistik Servisleri A.S. or other companies under the roof of Etsgroup shall not be held responsible for such use and the damages arising from that. 
Collected information are kept in a secure environment that is not open to the general use.

Regarding the Links to Third Party Sites

Ets Ersoy Turistik Servisleri A.S. or other companies under the roof of Etsgroup cannot give any guarantee on confidentiality principles of the websites belonging to the third parties that you access through the links on the website, therefore before you provide any personally determinable information, it’s recommended that you evaluate the confidentiality approaches of those sites.


You can reach us using the following contact information for your further questions regarding the confidentiality agreement. 
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