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Frequently Asked Questions

What Points Should I Consider When Renting a Car?


There are many important points to consider when renting a car. Choosing car rental companies that you can trust, especially during holiday or business trips, is one of the most important things you must pay attention to when renting a car. You can follow the steps below for a problem-free car rental experience:

  • Make sure what kind of car you need
  • Rent a car based on a location suitable for you
  • Benefit from the campaigns and discounts
  • Make sure to check the car you've rented

Why Would I Prefer Rental Cars?


Individual or corporate car rental provides many advantages. With car rental, the potential costs of your company or your own car can easily not be a burden anymore. While renting your car, you can avoid expenses such as taxes, insurance and any car damage costs that may occur.

How does Ucuzabilet Offer the Cheapest Car Rental Options?


You can easily carry out your transactions by choosing from the cars listed with the filtering options to find the car that suits your preferences.

When you specify the details about the car you want to rent on our page, you can compare the different options listed and you can safely rent the car that suits you most.

You can filter the listed cars by price, car type and brand, etc. from the filter field and you can find the car you want by sorting according to your preferences.

How does Ucuzabilet Ensure the Security of My Car Rental Transactions?


All the transactions you make on are protected by a security network called SSL certificate, which verifies the identity of the website and which uses SSL technology.

In all payment transactions made through our page, the security is checked with special programs using 3D security technology (secure communication protocol).

When proceeded to the payment step, the payment information is sent directly to the relevant bank using the secure communication protocol, with the assurance of 3D Security, from the devices that the relevant person uses.

Which Brands of Cars Can I Rent at Ucuzabilet?


You can travel safely with different car types that add comfort to your journey at Ucuzabilet that offers services with brands and models suitable for many travel styles. You can find many models of brands such as FIAT, DACIA, RENAULT, HYUNDAI, HONDA, NISSAN, PEUGEOT and KIA at Ucuzabilet.

How Can I Rent a Car at Ucuzabilet?


You can easily rent your car from the Ucuzabilet website. You can start your journey safely by visiting the web page via and choosing the car that suits you most.